IPMA-HR Southern Region Standing Committees

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for conducting an annual audit of the Regions financial records in conjunction with the Region's Treasurer and Secretary. The Audit Committee shall consist of at lease one Region Past President and two members at large. The Audit Committee is required to make a report to the membership during the business meeting.

Awards Committee

Chaired by the immediate Past President, the Awards Committee is charged with soliciting nominations for the Edwin L. Swain (Outstanding Member), and the Outstanding Chapter Awards. The committee evaluates all nominations and announces it decision at the annual business meeting.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the Southern Region Bylaws for consistency with IPMA, and recommending any changes to the Governing Board and membership. This committee was appointed for a two year term ().

Communication & Outreach Committee

111The Communication and Outreach Committee is charged with promoting and marketing the activities and events of the Southern Region. This Committee will communicate HR best practices and trends via technology, social media, and other mass communications forums.

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee is responsible for preparing, reviewing and recommending all resolutions to be voted on during the annual business meeting. The President appoints the Resolutions Committee Chairperson

Site Selection Committee

The Site Selection Committee is responsible for reviewing all bids from each sponsoring organization wishing to host the Southern Region Annual Conference. The Site Selection Committee, chaired by the President Elect and consisting of one member from each state within the Region, shall make a bid award recommendation to the membership at the annual business meeting.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is chaired by the immediate Past President with at least two members at large and is charged with ensuring that candidates nominated for office meet the criteria established by the Governing Board and IPMA. The Nominations Committee must nominate at least one member for each available office.